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03-12-22 (01:42)   Constantine's Lucifer Actor Had To Fight For Unique Appearance (Screen Rant)
02-12-22 (22:25)   Why Constantine 2 Makes Original Movie's Lucifer Actor Nervous (Screen Rant)
01-12-22 (05:11)   Hazbin Hotel Series Releases First Look at Lucifer (Screen Rant)
29-11-22 (16:42)   The Sandman More Than Proved It Was Right Not To Use Tom Ellis' Lucifer (Screen Rant)
28-11-22 (18:13)   The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2022 - Round 1A (Spoiler TV)
27-11-22 (23:51)   Tom Ellis' Familial Ties To The Church Make His Lucifer Role Even More Humorous (Looper)
26-11-22 (05:22)   Supernatural's Misha Collins Was Just As Surprised As The Rest Of Us When Cas Became Lucifer (Looper)
26-11-22 (00:44)   The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2022 - Nominations now closed (Spoiler TV)
10-11-22 (20:11)   Why Lucifer & Satan Are Different People In Sandman Lore (Screen Rant)
10-11-22 (01:05)   Lauren German Describes The Complex EMT Training She Had To Endure For Chicago Fire (Looper)
30-10-22 (19:11)   Sandman's Lucifer Is Dream's Opposite (& Their Endings Prove It) (Screen Rant)
20-10-22 (21:03)   TVLine Items: The Game Season 2 Date, Lucifer Vet Joins Goosebumps and More (TVLine)
20-10-22 (18:41)   'Goosebumps' Disney+ Series Rounds Out Main Cast With Rachael Harris (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
18-10-22 (21:22)   What Roles Has Tom Ellis Taken Since Lucifer Ended? (Looper)
18-10-22 (16:25)   Spoon Goes Dub: Inside the New Remix Project 'Lucifer on the Moon' (RollingStone.com)
07-10-22 (00:10)   Spoon Frontman Britt Daniel Talks 'Lucifer on the Sofa,' the Challenges of Touring in 2022 and the State of Rock (Variety)
03-10-22 (02:51)   Did Tom Ellis Really Do His Own Singing On Lucifer? (Looper)
30-09-22 (21:05)   Every Season Of Lucifer Ranked (Looper)
29-09-22 (14:26)   9-1-1: Lone Star Season 4 Casts Neal McDonough, D.B. Woodside, & Amanda Schull (TV Fanatic)
29-09-22 (10:44)   911: Lone Star - Season 4 - Neal McDonough, D.B. Woodside and Amanda Schull Join Cast (Spoiler TV)
28-09-22 (23:03)   '9-1-1: Lone Star': Neal McDonough, D.B. Woodside & Amanda Schull Join Season 4 As Recurring (Deadline.com)
26-09-22 (21:22)   What You Probably Never Noticed About Lucifer's Episode Titles (Looper)
24-09-22 (01:22)   How Lucifer Was Almost Cancelled Before It Even Aired (Looper)
23-09-22 (00:22)   The Real Reason Fox Canceled Lucifer (Looper)
22-09-22 (12:11)   Why Lucifer Abandoned Rory In Season 6 (Screen Rant)
21-09-22 (16:11)   Spoon Team With U.K. Dub Icon Adrian Sherwood for Full 'Lucifer On the Moon' Remix Album (RollingStone.com)
20-09-22 (16:44)   Subscribe to our YouTube Channel *Updated - 150,000 Subscribers Milestone* (Spoiler TV)
20-09-22 (02:51)   The Ella Prop Lucifer Star Aimee Garcia Stole From Set (Looper)
18-09-22 (19:22)   Lesley-Ann Brandt's Surprising Real-Life Connection To Her Lucifer Character (Looper)
17-09-22 (21:51)   Why Lucifer Star D.B. Woodside Didn't Steal Anything From Set (Looper)
14-09-22 (16:11)   Lucifer Showrunners Recall Sweet BTS Moment Filming Series Finale (Screen Rant)
14-09-22 (14:56)   Do Lucifer & Chloe Reunite With Rory After Finale? Writers Respond (Screen Rant)
14-09-22 (14:56)   Lucifer Producers Recall Favorite Moments From DC Show (Screen Rant)
14-09-22 (05:56)   Why Lucifer Season 6 Ended With My Chemical Romance Song (Screen Rant)
14-09-22 (05:56)   How Lucifer Comics Influenced Season 6 Explained By Showrunner (Screen Rant)
14-09-22 (04:42)   Lucifer Showrunners Hopeful For Another Revival In The Future (Screen Rant)
13-09-22 (22:36)   The Lucifer Actor You May Not Know Passed Away (Looper)
13-09-22 (21:25)   Joe Henderson & Ildy Modrovich Interview: Lucifer Season 6 Home Release (Screen Rant)
08-09-22 (22:25)   Potential Lucifer Spinoff Shows Addressed By Showrunner (Screen Rant)
08-09-22 (01:22)   Lucifer Team Shares A Long List Of Regrets (Looper)
08-09-22 (00:05)   There's A Very Good Reason Tom Ellis Could Never Have Been Sandman's Lucifer (Looper)
07-09-22 (23:11)   Lucifer Showrunners Respond To Sandman's Version Of Classic Character (Screen Rant)
07-09-22 (21:51)   The Lucifer Star You Likely Forgot Appeared In A Pivotal Friends Episode (Looper)
07-09-22 (21:03)   Lucifer EPs Talk Deleted Final-Season Scenes, Lauren German Working Blue and Sandman's Take on Ruler of Hell (TVLine)
01-09-22 (18:36)   Every Couple On Lucifer, Ranked (Looper)
01-09-22 (18:36)   The Historical Character You Likely Didn't Know Lucifer's Tom Ellis Voiced On Family Guy (Looper)
31-08-22 (22:36)   Every Lucifer Appearance In Supernatural Ranked (Looper)
30-08-22 (02:36)   This Distinctive Part Of Lucifer Evolved From A Happy Accident (Looper)
27-08-22 (11:36)   The Pivotal Lucifer Scene That Holds A Special Place In Tom Ellis' Heart (Looper)
26-08-22 (20:40)   Neil Gaiman Fended Off Bad Sandman Adaptations by Force (Gizmodo)
24-08-22 (20:51)   The Vintage Prop Lauren German Stole From Lucifer's Set (Looper)
23-08-22 (16:25)   Lucifer: 10 Best Musical Numbers, Ranked (Screen Rant)
17-08-22 (21:46)   Rachael Harris Signs With Gersh (Deadline.com)
17-08-22 (21:22)   Lucifer's Tom Ellis Often Had To Put Up A Fight When It Came To This One Part Of The Show (Looper)
14-08-22 (09:27)   The SpoilerTV Hall of Fame Page *Updated 14th August 2022* (Spoiler TV)
10-08-22 (23:11)   Lucifer: 15 Funniest Scenes From The Series (Screen Rant)
10-08-22 (21:36)   The One Prop Lucifer's Tom Ellis Would Have Loved To Keep From The Show (Looper)
10-08-22 (18:11)   Lucifer: Lucifer's 11 Most Emotional Quotes (Screen Rant)
09-08-22 (16:56)   The Sandman's Lucifer Change Creates A Clever Game Of Thrones Callback (Screen Rant)
09-08-22 (16:56)   Sandman Season 2 Will Feature A Dream/Lucifer Rematch, Says Gaiman (Screen Rant)
09-08-22 (15:25)   Why The Sandman Keeps Calling Lucifer "Lightbringer" (Screen Rant)
09-08-22 (05:11)   The Sandman's Morpheus Vs Lucifer Duel Change Explained By Neil Gaiman (Screen Rant)
09-08-22 (00:18)   The Oldest Game: Lucifer And Dream's Battle In The Sandman Explained (SlashFilm)
08-08-22 (20:11)   What Lucifer Is Planning For The Sandman Season 2 | Screen Rant (Screen Rant)
08-08-22 (18:41)   Pour one out for the first hit Sandman TV show: Lucifer (Polygon)
08-08-22 (18:20)   The Sandman's Gwendoline Christie: Shapewear Is Hell and Other Post-Finale Musings From Lucifer Herself (TVLine)
08-08-22 (18:10)   Neil Gaiman and 'The Sandman' Showrunner on Nightmare Diner and Lucifer's Season 2 Revenge (Variety)
07-08-22 (15:09)   The Sandman: Dressing Lucifer and Other Costume and Prop Secrets from the Netflix Series (Den of Geek)
06-08-22 (17:11)   Dream Vs Lucifer: The Sandman's Hell Challenge Explained (Screen Rant)
06-08-22 (10:09)   The Sandman Season 1 Ending Explained: What's Next for Dream and Lucifer? (Den of Geek)
05-08-22 (09:22)   Lucifer Fans Make It Abundantly Clear Who Their Least Favorite Character Is (Looper)
04-08-22 (19:11)   Lucifer MBTI: Which Character Are You Based On Your Personality Type? (Screen Rant)
04-08-22 (17:05)   Lucifer Fans Agree This Is The Absolute Worst Season Of The Series (Looper)
03-08-22 (20:36)   You'll Never Unsee This Lucifer Comparison To An Iconic Horror Villain (Looper)
03-08-22 (15:09)   The Sandman: How Gwendoline Christie Embraced Evil with Lucifer Morningstar (Den of Geek)
02-08-22 (19:56)   Lucifer: 12 Things Wrong With The Show Fans Choose To Ignore (Screen Rant)
02-08-22 (08:44)   2022 Character Cup - Round 2C (Spoiler TV)
02-08-22 (04:25)   Lucifer: 8 Characters Who Got Fitting Endings (& 5 Who Deserved Better) (Screen Rant)
02-08-22 (00:02)   The Origin of Cheryl Hines and Rachael Harris' Beef Revealed (E! Online)
28-07-22 (21:13)   2022 Character Cup - Round 1C (Spoiler TV)
27-07-22 (19:51)   Why Lucifer Fans Are So Divided Over Eve (Looper)
25-07-22 (20:25)   The Sandman Clip: Dream Meets With Lucifer & Mazikeen in Hell (Screen Rant)
25-07-22 (20:22)   Sandman's Brooding Lucifer Scene Has Fans Picking Their Jaws Up Off The Floor (Looper)
24-07-22 (00:41)   'The Sandman' Trailer: Boyd Holbrook's the Corinthian and Gwendoline Christie's Lucifer Are Dream's Nightmares (Variety)
20-07-22 (21:51)   Lucifer Fans Agree That This Is The Worst Aspect Of The Character (Looper)
12-07-22 (05:51)   The Other DC Characters You Probably Didn't Know Lucifer's D.B. Woodside Played (Looper)
10-07-22 (16:05)   Supernatural Fans Make Their Thoughts On Lucifer's Character Clear (Looper)
07-07-22 (17:05)   How Fans Really Feel About The CGI In Lucifer (Looper)
05-07-22 (19:43)   22 TV Shows That Found New Homes After Cancellation, From 'Lucifer' to 'Magnum P.I.' (Photos) (TheWrap.com)
04-07-22 (13:13)   USD POLL : Which of the following is the best Warner Bros. Discovery TV show? (Spoiler TV)
01-07-22 (15:22)   How Fans Think Lucifer Compares To Real Biblical Tales (Looper)
25-05-22 (02:51)   The Real Reason Tom Ellis Isn't Reprising Lucifer For Netflix's Sandman Series (Looper)
24-05-22 (22:17)   'History Of A Pleasure Seeker': Lesley-Ann Brandt To Star In Hulu Pilot (Deadline.com)
22-05-22 (06:52)   Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Anime First Trailer Looks Incredibly Worrying (DualShockers)
17-05-22 (07:29)   'The Sandman': Here's the First Footage of Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer (Video) (TheWrap.com)
16-05-22 (20:23)   Hail Satan (Specifically Gwendoline Christie's Version From Netflix's Sandman) (Gizmodo)
16-05-22 (16:03)   The Sandman: Watch First Footage of Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer (TVLine)
04-05-22 (21:26)   TNT Acquires First Three Seasons of Hit DC Drama "Lucifer," from Warner Bros. Television (The Futon Critic)
19-04-22 (00:55)   Emmy Award Nominee Cheryl Hines Along with Rachael Harris, Jasika Nicole & Zack Pearlman to Guest Star in the Premiere Episode of "Fantasy Island Season 2" (The Futon Critic)
19-04-22 (00:26)   Emmy Award Winner Cheryl Hines Along with Rachael Harris, Jasika Nicole & Zack Pearlman to Guest Star in the Premiere Episode of "Fantasy Island Season 2" (The Futon Critic)
18-04-22 (19:12)   Tom Ellis and Lucy Liu to Star in Exploding Kittens Animated Series at Netflix (TV Fanatic)
18-04-22 (18:49)   Exploding Kittens: Tom Ellis, Lucy Liu Cast in Adult Animated Series, as Netflix Also Announces Mobile Game (TVLine)
18-04-22 (18:10)   Netflix Orders 'Exploding Kittens' Animated Series Starring Tom Ellis and Lucy Liu; Mobile Game to Launch in May (Variety)
04-04-22 (19:51)   How Kara Killmer Really Felt About Replacing Lauren German On Chicago Fire (Looper)
18-03-22 (03:22)   The Good Place Reference On Lucifer That Fans Love (Looper)
03-03-22 (00:26)   Cal Fire: Billy Burke, Kevin Alejandro Join Max Thieriot on CBS Drama Pilot (TV Fanatic)
02-03-22 (22:20)   Billy Burke, Kevin Alejandro Join CBS' Cal Fire Pilot Starring Max Thieriot (TVLine)
02-03-22 (21:46)   Billy Burke & Kevin Alejandro Join Max Thieriot As Leads In CBS Pilot 'Cal Fire' (Deadline.com)
01-03-22 (09:34)   'Lucifer' Actor Kather Sei Charged for Allegedly Delivering Drugs That Killed Bed Head Founders' Son (AceShowbiz.com)
26-02-22 (00:22)   The Transformation Of Lauren German From Childhood To Chicago Fire (Looper)
22-02-22 (20:44)   Critics Choice Super Awards 2022 - Nominations (Spoiler TV)
09-02-22 (17:25)   'Lucifer on the Sofa' Might Be Spoon's Best Record Ever (RollingStone.com)
04-02-22 (01:10)   'Lucifer,' 'Squid Game,' 'Luca' and 'CoComelon' Among Most Popular Programming of 2021 for Black, Asian and Hispanic Viewers (Variety)
02-02-22 (17:27)   Washington Black - Tom Ellis Joins Cast (Spoiler TV)
02-02-22 (17:12)   Lucifer's Tom Ellis Joins Hulu Adventure Series Washington Black (TV Fanatic)
02-02-22 (16:17)   'Lucifer' Alum Tom Ellis Joins Sterling K. Brown In Hulu's 'Washington Black' (Deadline.com)
02-02-22 (16:10)   'Lucifer' Star Tom Ellis Joins Hulu's 'Washington Black' Limited Series (Variety)
02-02-22 (16:03)   Tom Ellis Joins Sterling K. Brown in Washington Black Adventure Series (TVLine)
01-02-22 (21:44)   The Night Agent - Hong Chau, DB Woodside, Sarah Desjardins, Enrique Muricano + 3 More Join Cast (Spoiler TV)
01-02-22 (19:03)   'The Night Agent': Hong Chau, DB Woodside, Sarah Desjardins & Enrique Murciano Among 7 Cast In Netflix Series (Deadline.com)
24-01-22 (09:37)   Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Anime Announced & Why Fans Are hyped (DualShockers)
21-01-22 (17:41)   Surprise! 'Criminal Minds' Was 2021's Most-Streamed TV Show in the U.S. (Variety)
21-01-22 (16:57)   2021's Most Streamed Series: Lucifer, Criminal Minds, Squid Game, & More! (TV Fanatic)
21-01-22 (15:49)   2021's Most Streamed Series: Lucifer, Criminal Minds Top Nielsen Lists, But... (TVLine)
21-01-22 (13:03)   'Lucifer' Tops 'Squid Game' On Nielsen 2021 Original Series Chart In U.S., 'Luca' Is No. 1 Movie (Deadline.com)
15-01-22 (12:13)   USD POLL : Which of these shows are the most addictive? (Spoiler TV)
12-01-22 (20:29)   Mom names baby Lucifer, catches hell online: 'Death threats are scary' (New York Post)
02-01-22 (10:58)   Most Popular Shows and Articles on SpoilerTV - December 2021 (Spoiler TV)
31-12-21 (10:58)   Year End Stats - Facts and Figures from 2021- Most Popular Shows, Post, Videos + more (Spoiler TV)
31-12-21 (10:27)   Show of the Year 2021 - Readers Mega Poll *Winner Announced* (Spoiler TV)
30-12-21 (22:31)   Sam Heughan Just Learned That Pal Tom Ellis Auditioned for an Outlander Bad Guy (E! Online)
30-12-21 (19:49)   Lucifer's Tom Ellis Reveals the Outlander Role He Auditioned For— Hear Sam Heughan's Reaction (TVLine)
17-12-21 (10:27)   The SpoilerTV Top 20 Shows of the Year - 2021 (Spoiler TV)
13-12-21 (12:13)   USD POLL : Which is your favorite LGBTQ relationship? (Spoiler TV)
06-12-21 (23:22)   The Heartwarming Reason Kevin Alejandro Agreed To Play Jayce In Netflix's Arcane (Looper)
30-11-21 (20:05)   Lucifer: Most Underrated Moments In The Show (Looper)
28-11-21 (12:13)   USD POLL : What character from media or myth would you have liked to see on Lucifer? (Spoiler TV)
21-11-21 (18:09)   Arcane, An Awesome Show, is Getting a Second Season (Gizmodo)
18-11-21 (17:51)   The Real Reason Rory Is The Only One With Chloe At The End Of Lucifer (Looper)
11-11-21 (21:59)   'Lucifer' Actress Lesley-Ann Brandt Boasts that Abortion Helped Her Career — Killed Baby While Filming 'Killing Women' Series (Breitbart.com)
05-11-21 (08:05)   The Lucifer Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign (Looper)
03-11-21 (17:22)   Shows Like Lucifer That Urban Fantasy Fans Need To See (Looper)
01-11-21 (17:22)   The Dan And Trixie Moment From Lucifer That Makes No Sense (Looper)
31-10-21 (19:09)   League of Legends: Arcane's Trailer Is an Explosive Delight (Gizmodo)
30-10-21 (18:51)   Why Some Lucifer Fans Are Upset With The Ending (Looper)
28-10-21 (15:27)   Spoon on new album 'Lucifer On The Sofa': "It's just fun - a record for some good times" (NME.COM)
27-10-21 (18:44)   People's Choice Awards 2021 - Nominations Announced *Fixed - Now Readable :) * (Spoiler TV)
27-10-21 (15:51)   The Part Of Lucifer's Rory That Even Her Haters Can't Help But Love (Looper)
25-10-21 (18:51)   Bizarre Things That Happened On The Set Of Lucifer (Looper)
19-10-21 (14:36)   The Surprising Connection Between Harley Quinn And Lucifer Season 6 (Looper)
17-10-21 (00:26)   "The Sandman" Photos: First Look at Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer (The Futon Critic)
16-10-21 (21:24)   Game of Thrones' Gwendoline Christie is our new evil lord in first look at Lucifer from Netflix's Sandman (Syfy Wire)
16-10-21 (20:49)   The Sandman Unveils First Look at Gwendoline Christie's Lucifer (TVLine)
16-10-21 (20:47)   Sandman TV Series Reveals First Look At Gwendoline Christie As Lucifer (SlashFilm)
16-10-21 (20:46)   'The Sandman': Netflix Shares First Look At Gwendoline Christie's Lucifer For Upcoming Series - DC FanDome (Deadline.com)
16-10-21 (20:43)   Netflix's 'The Sandman': Enjoy Your First Look at Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer (TheWrap.com)
16-10-21 (20:41)   Netflix's Sandman Unveils First Look At Gwendoline Christie's Lucifer - See The Photos (GameSpot)
16-10-21 (20:41)   First look at Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer in Netflix's The Sandman (Polygon)
16-10-21 (20:40)   Sandman: The Differences Between Gwendoline Christie & Tom Ellis' Lucifers (Den of Geek)
16-10-21 (20:40)   Gwendoline Christie Looks Hellishly Cool as Lucifer in DC's Sandman (Gizmodo)
15-10-21 (00:03)   'Lucifer' Dominates But 'Squid Game' Fails To Crack Nielsen U.S. Streaming Chart In First Week (Deadline.com)
13-10-21 (22:58)   Performers Of The Month - September 2021 Results (Spoiler TV)
12-10-21 (22:51)   What Lucifer Fans Really Wanted To See For Linda's Ending (Looper)
11-10-21 (18:36)   How Lucifer's Brianna Hildebrand Really Feels About A Rory Spinoff (Looper)
11-10-21 (13:13)   USD POLL : What is your favorite thriller TV series? (Spoiler TV)
10-10-21 (21:22)   Why Some Lucifer Fans Actually Hate Chloe (Looper)
08-10-21 (20:03)   'Lucifer' Fires Back Up, But Is Edged By 'Clickbait' On Nielsen Streaming Chart (Deadline.com)
06-10-21 (00:13)   Performers of the Month - September 2021 Voting (Spoiler TV)
04-10-21 (18:41)   The best parts of Lucifer were the unapologetically goofy bits (Polygon)
04-10-21 (12:44)   Scene Of The Month - September 2021 + POLL (Spoiler TV)
02-10-21 (00:13)   Performer Of The Month - Nominations For September 2021 (Spoiler TV)
01-10-21 (09:27)   Most Popular Shows and Articles on SpoilerTV - September 2021 (Spoiler TV)
30-09-21 (19:32)   Morgan Freeman & Lori McCreary's Revelations Entertainment Team With Lesley-Ann Brandt For Drama Series 'Hanover Street' (Deadline.com)
30-09-21 (01:05)   The Rory Plot Hole From Lucifer Season 6 That Still Bothers Fans (Looper)
29-09-21 (21:51)   How Lucifer Fans Really Feel About Rory (Looper)
28-09-21 (13:13)   USD POLL : Which is your favorite live-action DC show? (Spoiler TV)
28-09-21 (04:36)   Why Rory's Name In Lucifer Means More Than You Think (Looper)
26-09-21 (18:40)   League of Legends' Vi and Jinx Are Sisters-in-Arms in Netflix's Arcane Trailer (Gizmodo)
23-09-21 (16:25)   Lucifer's Ending Creates A Big Michael Problem For The Devil (Screen Rant)
23-09-21 (16:25)   Lucifer: Rory's Season 6 Time Travel Explained (& Why It's Broken) (Screen Rant)
23-09-21 (00:13)   Lucifer - Season Six - Series Finale Roundtable Review: Partners To The End (Spoiler TV)
22-09-21 (17:36)   The Real Reason Trixie Is Missing A Lot In Lucifer Season 6 (Looper)
21-09-21 (19:32)   'Arcane': Hailee Steinfeld, Ella Purnell & Kevin Alejandro Among Voice Cast For Netflix 'League Of Legends' Animated Series (Deadline.com)
18-09-21 (03:53)   Lucifer series finale: Tom Ellis on redeeming the 'most irredeemable character' ever (Syfy Wire)
15-09-21 (01:36)   The Ending Of Lucifer Season 6 Explained (Looper)
14-09-21 (17:03)   Lucifer Mystery Solved: Where Was Trixie in the Finale's [Spoiler] Scene? (TVLine)
13-09-21 (23:29)   'Lucifer' Series Finale Has a Callback to Tom Ellis' Favorite Episode (TheWrap.com)
13-09-21 (21:10)   Lucifer's final season finally pays off the series' big, long-running question (Polygon)
13-09-21 (18:40)   Lucifer Season 6 Episode 10 Review: Partners 'Til the End (Den of Geek)
13-09-21 (16:49)   Lucifer EPs Detail How a One-Act Coda Blossomed Into Final Season, Stand by Big 'Deckerstar' Twist: 'That's Love' (TVLine)
13-09-21 (10:23)   Lucifer Season 6 Episode 9 Review: Goodbye, Lucifer (Den of Geek)
12-09-21 (23:03)   Lucifer's Final Season Teases Futuristic Bones Reboot — Get Exclusive Peek at Script, Plus Bones Creator's Reaction (TVLine)
12-09-21 (19:27)   Lucifer Review, Matrix Trailer, PlayStation Showcase and more - SpoilerTV Spodcast 24 (Spoiler TV)
12-09-21 (19:00)   'Lucifer' Newcomer Brianna Hildebrand Is 'Definitely' Down for a Rory Spinoff (TheWrap.com)
12-09-21 (18:09)   Lucifer Season 6 Episode 8 Review: Save the Devil, Save the World (Den of Geek)
12-09-21 (15:54)   Lucifer Season 6 Episode 7 Review: My Best Fiend's Wedding (Den of Geek)
12-09-21 (11:54)   Lucifer Season 6 Episode 6 Review: A Lot Dirtier Than That (Den of Geek)
12-09-21 (02:14)   How 'Lucifer' Showrunners Came Up With Final-Season Plot That Let Them Keep Their Original Ending (TheWrap.com)
12-09-21 (02:03)   Lucifer Episode 3 Video: Tom Ellis and Lauren German Talk About Just How Butt-Like a Chin Can Get — Watch (TVLine)
12-09-21 (01:54)   Lucifer Season 6 Ending Explained (Den of Geek)
11-09-21 (22:14)   'Lucifer' Stars Tom Ellis and Lauren German on 'Heartbreaking' Deckerstar Twist, Reunion Movie Possibilities (TheWrap.com)
11-09-21 (20:00)   How 'Lucifer' Actor-Director Kevin Alejandro Shot Dan's 'Poetic' Salvation Scene (TheWrap.com)
11-09-21 (17:40)   Lucifer Season 6 Episode 5 Review: The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar (Den of Geek)
11-09-21 (16:03)   Performer of the Week: Lauren German (TVLine)
11-09-21 (11:23)   Lucifer Season 6 Episode 4 Review: Pin the Tail on the Daddy (Den of Geek)
11-09-21 (06:14)   'Lucifer': Lesley-Ann Brandt on Maze and Eve's Big Day and the One Shot She Fought to Get in Before the End (TheWrap.com)
11-09-21 (03:09)   How Lucifer Season 6 Borrows from Harley Quinn (Den of Geek)
11-09-21 (02:03)   Lucifer Video: Tom Ellis, Lauren German React to Final Season's Twists (and the Last Line That Was Barely Choked Out) (TVLine)
11-09-21 (00:17)   Does Dan finally go to Heaven in Lucifer season 6? (Ready Steady Cut)
10-09-21 (23:46)   Does Amenadiel become a God in Lucifer Season 6? (Ready Steady Cut)
10-09-21 (23:32)   Who dies in Lucifer season 6? (Ready Steady Cut)
10-09-21 (23:32)   Who is Rory in Lucifer season 6? (Ready Steady Cut)
10-09-21 (22:58)   Lucifer - Season 6 Ending - Executive Producers discuss Season 6, the ending and more (Spoiler TV)
10-09-21 (21:36)   Why Rory From Lucifer Looks So Familiar (Looper)
10-09-21 (21:20)   Lucifer's Aimee Garcia Cheers Ella's 'Perfect' Moment During Final Season — Plus, How It Almost Played Out (TVLine)
10-09-21 (19:40)   Lucifer Season 6 Episode 3 Review: Yabba Dabba Do Me (Den of Geek)
10-09-21 (19:10)   'Lucifer's' Tom Ellis, Lauren German and Showrunners Break Down the Twists and Message of the Final Season (Variety)
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